Rules of Beep Baseball


     The rules to Beep Baseball are fairly simple.  There is not nearly as much complexity as in other itterations of the sport. 
Here you can find the list of rules on how the game is played and scored.  


Beep baseball has two teams, like any other sport. 
Games are generally played on the weekends, due to the fact that 
the players have to work to support themselves during the week. 
The Pitcher and Catcher are on the batters team. 
There are six defenders in the field, making a total of eigh players on the field at one time. 
The defensive team is allowed two sighted spotters 
If the batter are safe, your team scores a run. 
If the ball is fielded before you reach a buzzing base, the batter is out.

Batting Rules: 
You are allowed four (4) Strikes, and one (1) Taken pitch
Foul territory is the same as in conventional baseball with an addative. 
If the ball is hit less than eighty (80ft) it is foul. 
Foul balls are Strikes. 
Pitching Rules:
The Pitcher and Catcher as stated are on the same team. 
The pitcher must follow a cadence to alert the batter that the ball will be comming. 
The Pitcher job is to try and guide the ball to the bat for solid contact. 
Strike Outs are not something a pitcher wants. 
High ERA totals are a good thing. 

Fielding Rules: 
The fiield is split up into six (6) zones. 
One defender will occupy each zone. 
Spotters will track the path of the ball and call out the zone
This alerts the fielder that a ball is comming thier way. 
Spotters can only call a zone one time. 
A ball fielded before the batter reaches base is considered an out. 
Only four (4) Four Flyballs have ever been cought before they hit the ground. 

Crowd Rules: 
When the pitcher has the ball or the ball is in play, the crowd must remain silent
This allows the players to hear and track the ball off the bat, or find the bases. 
Cheering is allowed between plays. 

Umpires are also sited and ensure that all rules are adhered to. 
An umpire can eject a player or member of the crowd for misconduct.