Team News


Sprint Training Begins!

CHICAGO - As the strengly mild winter draws towards it's end, the NBBA's Chicago Comets report to Spring Training
at the Line Drive Baseball Academy in Bedford Park, IL. Players will begin work on hitting drills
and other various baseball related activities as they prepare for the 2012 season.  

New Accuisition - Jan 27th
CHICAGO - The Chicago Bandits welcome Bill Landram (30), a visually impared individtual whom lost his vision to Retnalitispigmentosa
(RP) at the age of 20. Bill is approximately 6 foot 2 inches, 200lbs. He will be starting his Rookie Year for the Comets, comming from 
a short lived playing time in little league and softball before losing his eyesight.  Bill now is a student of the Martial Arts, and sings in a 
local heavy metal band.  He is also an IT professional during the off season non-playing, and practice days. 

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