Volunteering and Donations

The game of Beep Ball requires specialized equipment, which is       more costly than traditional baseball equipment. 
Beep ball is one of the few team sports available for the Blind       & Visually impaired. Your contribution will directly help the men & women of       Chicago and the surrounding 
suburbs who love to play Beep Baseball. 
Beep       Baseball is more than a game. Beep Baseball builds teamwork, perseverance, independence,      
 confidence and leadership skills, as well as the players’ mental and physical       condition. It is through Beep Baseball that these athletes get to test their       
skills and determination against others from around the country.
The game requires specially adapted equipment.  For example, a 16” softball fitted with the rechargeable beeper costs $35, and depending on how       
hard it is hit may not last an entire game. A set of bases costs $375.00. Beep       Baseball teams are very limited in number, and as a result the Comets, in order       
to have the opportunity to play other teams, are required to travel to other       cities and states. These factors increase the cost for the players to       participate.
We’re Asking For       Your Support. We are preparing a souvenir program to help offset some       of the expenses for these Blind and Visually Impaired Athletes. 
The program will       contain a team roster, a brief history and explanation of the rules of beep       baseball and acknowledgements of supporting businesses and individuals 
These programs will be handed out at all team practices, speaking engagements and games. 
To participate in the souvenir       program or to make a donation 
   please click on the order form button below.
  Donation Form
As well as financial support, we also need people in the community to help voulenteer to work with the team.  It takes a lot of work, and sometimes, a lot of time to work with the 
 We need people who are willing to drive, help keep an eye on service dogs, act as seeing aids for the visually impared, and many other things to help make us a successful, and
viabable pressence in the community.  
 If you would like to voulenteer your time, and help a good cause, while making blind atheletes dreams of playhing baseball a reality, then please reach out to us. 
 Our informatoin can be found on the Contacts portion of the page, or by clicking here.