Spring Training moves outdoors


CHICAGO - This Saturday March 24th, will be the last day of in-door team practices at the donated facility. The team will depart 
from the Line Drive Baseball Academy, and head out to Rainey Park in Chicago.  This will more than double the teams length of
practice, bringing their sessions to a four (4) hour practice in perperation for the season.  This will incorporate work on their 
fielding, base-running, and other various related activities.  
The Comets have already recieved a pep talk from Coach Herzog, that the World Series is completely up for grabs, and ripe
 for the taking.  Some of the players have even put in an extra and even competative effort amongst themselves to try and
 bring home this years title.  Can the Comets return to what they had accomplished in 2003?  Only the summer of 2012 has 
the answer, and the players definately want to repeat that feat.