About the Chicago Comets

     The Chicago Comets are a comparative, "Beep-Baseball" Team that is a part of the National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) and is comprised of visually impairemed and
women who enjoy and love the game of baseball.  The players, and staff of this team have a strong competative desire, will to win, solid work ethic, and a strong comradary.  

     The team was formed in 1999, and were winners of the World Series in 2003, under coach John T. Herzog, whom is the teams current manager and director of operations.  
 The comets are accepting of all willing and capable players whom suffer from any range of visual impairment or blindness, regardless of baseball acumen or ability.  Because we
believe that despite ones short comings, anyone can do what they set themselves out to do so long as they are willing to work at it.   

     We not only strive as a team, but as educators to the world that blindness does not mean you are incapable of doing what you desire, and living your life to the absolute 
fullest. We bring awareness to the community that we are strong, intelligent, hard-working, and willing to take on tasks that to others may seem impossible.  

     During our Spring Training, we practice within the Line Drive Baseball Academy in Bedford Park, IL, and once weather permits, we begin practice at Rainey Park in Chicago, IL. 
We play a series of exhibition games throughout the season, at home and on the road to try and raise funds to allow us to play games for the following season.  As well as perform
fund raisers and other activities to help out the players.  The players must work hard at not only baseball but at promoting the team, and getting the word out about us, and what 
are all about.  

     Throughout the year we play several tournaments against the top teams in the country, and even have a competitor from Taiwan, as we strive towards winning these series 
of games, on our path to winning the World Series.  We play a annual tournament here in Romeoville, IL called the Beep Ball BAsh, as we play host to several teams in the league
this multi-day tournament.  

	  For information about the individual players, please see the Roster page for player bio's and season stats.  We hope to see you out there
and appreciate all of our fans, and sponsors support.  GO COMETS!